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Roadrunner partners with Optym to optimize pickup & delivery operations 

Roadrunner, a service-first less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier, has selected Optym’s RouteMax to optimize pickup & delivery operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Dallas, TX, April 25, 2023 — Roadrunner, a service-first less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier, has selected Optym’s RouteMax to optimize pickup & delivery operations and improve customer satisfaction. RouteMax provides end-to-end optimization of pickup & delivery operations, improving efficiency and cutting costs with advanced route optimization, intelligent dispatching, and a smart driver mobile app. These tools will empower Roadrunner planners, dispatchers, and drivers with best-in-class augmented intelligence.  

“We’ve invested heavily in technology to enhance our network and reduce transit times to become the best LTL carrier in the business,” Roadrunner Head of Operations Tomasz Jamroz said. “As we redesigned our network, we looked at optimizing our delivery and pickup operations while empowering our employees with new tools. Optym leads the industry in trucking enhancements, and we’re proud to partner with them to improve our service. This collaboration is driven by a shared passion for innovation. With RouteMax, we’ll be able to improve inbound planning, customer satisfaction, and terminal performance while enhancing our Smart Long Haul Network.”  

RouteMax provides LTL carriers with a single system for planning, managing, monitoring, and reporting on deliveries and pick-ups:

  • Route optimization creates routes that meet all operational constraints while reducing the number of trips needed and miles driven.  
  • Intelligent dispatching saves precious time through a data-driven approach to rapidly assign single or multiple pick-ups to the best drivers considering all operating constraints.  
  • Smart driver app improves driver satisfaction with intuitive workflows and minimal data entry. Dynamic optimization of stops makes drivers more efficient.  

“We’re honored that Roadrunner has chosen us to be their partner in improving the efficiency of their operations,” Optym Director of Routing Solutions Rambabu Yadlapalli said. “Our team will ensure that Roadrunner receives the best possible service and support as they integrate RouteMax into their systems.” 

Implementation began in March at Roadrunner’s Dallas terminal, with plans for a full rollout across Roadrunner’s 30+ terminals and 1,000+ drivers expected later this year. 

About Optym

Backed by decades of experience, research, and development, Optym is focused on making trucking operations more efficient. By combining deep industry experience with cutting-edge optimization & AI, our solutions determine best decisions for complex business problems faced by trucking companies. Optym has optimization & AI products for LTL as well truckload companies to manage their linehaul and local pickup and delivery operations. Optym’s products are saving its customers millions of dollars annually.

For more information about Optym’s LTL offering, visit

About Roadrunner 

Roadrunner offers more direct long-haul metro-to-metro shipping than any other nationwide LTL carrier in the United States. With nationwide presence and terminals across 37 metro markets, the company’s SmartNetwork™ is the preferred choice for shippers looking to move freight quickly and reliably. With Driver Teams executing Over-the-Road (OTR) moves and no freight moving on rail, their customers enjoy industry-leading transit times. The award-winning operations platform is fueled by AI and ML technology assuring integrity of custodial controls of freight and real-time tracking and visibility. Direct routing eliminates the need for rehandles and freight handovers and hence reduces the risk of loss or damage.  

More than 1,000 drivers leverage the Roadrunner SmartNetwork™ to empower their businesses and are fiscally motivated to deliver freight on time, intact, and damage free.  Roadrunner was ranked Most Improved LTL Carrier by Mastio™ and recognized by Newsweek™ as one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies in 2022. (PINK: RRTS)  

Please visit the following sites to learn more about Roadrunner and how you can join the freight revolution. To learn more about shipping with Roadrunner:  

Explore careers in sales, operations, and technology at Roadrunner:  

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