Dispatch optimization for truckload

Automate driver assignments

LoadAi removes the guesswork from dispatching by automating and optimizing driver-to-load assignments to match your needs.

Illustration showing what information flows into LoadAi and what flows out.

Imagine AI helping you find the best driver for a load

On-time P&D

Ensure your drivers don't miss pickup & delivery windows.

Auto-assign drivers

Dedicate drivers to regions, customers, and much more.

Deadhead to dollars

Find gaps in driver routes and fill them with loads to keep your business going.

Hit weekly targets

Avoid downtime and keep your drivers moving.

Achieve the perfect balance between AI dispatching and human expertise

LoadAi integrates with your TMS, generating optimized driver assignments based on carrier preferences. Dispatchers maintain control with the flexibility to override recommendations, ensuring a balance between AI optimization and human expertise for carrier and driver efficiency.

Prioritized loads

Ensure high-priority customers and loads are promptly handled.

Home when they want

Manage driver preferences to get them home when needed.

Honor hours of service

Consider driver hours of service when assigning loads.

Better asset utilization

Know which loads to broker and which loads to move on asset.

Dispatch more drivers
with ease

Manage your dispatching from a single page. Plan schedules and see available loads and assignment recommendations in one place.

Turn deadhead into dollars

Increase driver profits by filling unwanted gaps. Replace empty miles and disconnected dropoff and pickup locations with a streamlined plan.

Avoid disruptions

Address issues quickly. Stay agile and get your operations loaded and rolling with the help of AI-enabled recommendations.

Plan with detail

Consider all constraints before assigning a load. See the financial impact and deadhead miles associated with all possible shipments.

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Turbocharge your back office

LoadAi is built with carriers in mind to create an intuitive dispatching solution that takes the guesswork out of finding the best driver for a load.

AI load recommendation

Let the model recommend the best loads for drivers.

Gantt view

Visualize driver schedules to see and fill gaps and know who’s free for loads.

Driver recommendation

Let the model recommend the best drivers for loads.

Map view

View driver and load locations in map view for better driver scheduling.

Full schedule optimization

Optimize all drivers and loads at once to maximize capacity and honor driver needs.

Grid view

Show drivers’ schedules in a condensed table to see more information about drivers and their loads.

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