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Optym announces Estes to use DriverPlan for linehaul schedule optimization

Estes will incorporate another piece of the HaulSuite LTL optimization solutions hub, DriverPlan.

Dallas, TX — August 23, 2022 — Optym, a leader in less than truckload (LTL) optimization solutions, announced that Estes will incorporate a second piece of Optym’s LTL solutions suite, DriverPlan. DriverPlan is an industry-first LTL driver schedule optimization solution, which is revolutionizing driver routing. Estes is the largest privately-owned freight shipping company in North America. Estes will join national carrier Saia in implementing DriverPlan to manageoptimize, and maintain their linehaul driver schedules.

“LTL carriers face a lot of complexity and tightly coordinated processes and dependencies, making it difficult to plan and optimize resource needs ahead of time accurately,” HaulSuite Director of Product Kory Harb said. “DriverPlan creates driver schedules that balance cost efficiency with operational needs. It brings together advanced optimization technology and deep data analysis to revolutionize how LTL carriers plan and prepare schedules for their drivers.”

DriverPlan brings a previously impossible level of visibility and efficiency to linehaul schedules. Empty or under-utilized lanes, terminal pressure, congestion, demand spikes, missed service commitments, and more can be mitigated easily with properly planned driver schedules. DriverPlan gives LTL carriers the tools to plan for future resource needs while improving capacity, utilization, and efficiency quickly, easily, and accurately.

As an asset-based freight transportation and custom logistics solutions provider, Estes manages a fleet of more than 9,000 tractors and 34,000 trailers, and a network of 270+ terminals. The company provides LTL freight to and from all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Estes is already a long-time user of HaulPlan, HaulSuite’s advanced load plan and network optimization tool for LTL carriers.

“With DriverPlan, we will create more scheduled runs, which benefits the consistency of our operations and makes drivers happier by giving them more consistent work,” Estes VP of Process Improvement Webb Estes said. “Drivers get more miles on average because DriverPlan better utilizes drivers. Plus, we can design schedules where drivers get to spend more nights at home with their families.”

DriverPlan helps carriers create better driver routes with advanced optimization and scheduling using:

  • Automated optimization engine – Proprietary LTL-specific algorithms create fully-optimized detailed schedules automatically.
  • Smart trailer building – Simulate freight to trailer assignments to meet service standards and cross-docking requirements while enabling planners to gain insights for future resource decisions.
  • Advanced modeling and analysis – What-if scenario modeling helps planners understand how a new schedule or update impacts operations and performance. Planners can modify specific areas to improve efficiency and throughput before a schedule is put into production.


About Optym

Backed by decades of experience, research, and development, Optym makes trucking operations more efficient. By combining industry experience with cutting-edge optimization techniques, our solutions determine the best decisions for the complex challenges unique to today’s transportation and logistics companies. Optym holds a portfolio of innovative optimization solutions designed to tackle the biggest challenges facing transportation operators today. From network and resource planning to pickup and delivery and pricing, our solutions enable you to take your operations to the next level. Our products have saved some of the largest LTL carriers millions of dollars annually. 

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About Estes

Estes is the largest, privately-owned freight carrier in North America. As an asset-based transportation provider with a global footprint, Estes always goes the extra mile to deliver reliable freight solutions and exceptional service that keep its customers coming back. Ethical and honest, with over 90 years of freight shipping expertise, Estes has worked through the decades to build a robust fleet and vast network of over 10,000 doors and more than 270 terminals. And the company’s comprehensive transportation solutions are backed by its continued investment in technology resources, as well as the support of more than 22,000 fiercely committed employees. Estes offers comprehensive freight shipping solutions, including Less Than Truckload (LTL), Volume and Truckload, Time Critical Guaranteed, Custom Shipping and Logistics, and Final Mile.

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