Ep. 13: Growing the freight community | Chris Thomas of Autumn Transport

January 19, 2024

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In this episode, Jacob Eischen interviews Chris Thomas, also known as the Indie Trucker. They discuss Chris's background in trucking and his involvement in the freight community. Chris shares his experiences and insights on broker-carrier relationships, being the voice of the driver, and passing on knowledge to the next generation. They also touch on topics such as professionalism in customer interactions, understanding market trends, and the future of trucking, including the potential impact of autonomous trucks.
  • Building relationships and being a positive voice in the trucking industry is important.
  • Trucking is a challenging industry that requires patience, professionalism, and continuous learning.
  • There is a need for better communication and understanding between drivers and dispatchers.
  • The future of trucking will involve advancements in technology, such as autonomous trucks, but human drivers will still play a crucial role.
00:00 – Introduction and Background
03:09 – Involvement in the FreightX Community
08:32 – Being the Voice of the Driver
09:01 – Broker-Carrier Relationships
10:31 – Passing on Knowledge and Experience
17:38 – Advice for New Truckers
19:19 – Professionalism and Customer Interactions
20:53 – Understanding the Market and Trends
25:36 – The Next Generation of Trucking
28:12 – Working with Dispatch and Internal Relationships
31:50 – Autonomous Trucks and the Future of Trucking
35:24 – Bold Prediction for the Future of Trucking
  • Chris Thomas_Grow the FreightX community-1
    Chris Thomas, also known as the Indie Trucker, discusses Chris's background in trucking and the freight community.
  • Evan Shelley_The Truck Parking Problem
    Evan Shelley covers the truck parking problem and how technology and relationships can address it.
  • Phil Wilt_American Central Transport
    Phil Wilt delves into the essentials of constructing an award-winning driver support system.
  • Curtis Garrett_LTL User X (1)
    Curtis Garrett maps his experience in less than truckload to the future of the industry.
  • Mark Manera_Truck driver health and wellness
    Mark Manera, the Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Fitness, discusses truck driver health and wellness.
  • Todd Haselhorst_Tokenization in logistics-High-Quality
    Todd Haselhorst, the CEO and Founder of HEALE Labs discusses IoT and tokenization’s role in revolutionizing logistics.
  • Podcast Guest – Priscilla Peters – Scott Dismuke
    Conversion Interactive Agency’s Priscilla Peters and PDA’s Scott Dismuke discuss driver recruitment and retention in the trucking industry.
  • Podcast Guest – Scott Pecoriello – WeatherOptics
    Scott Pecoriello spotlights weather forecasting in logistics and how the industry can apply it.
  • SemiRelatedThumbnail_Wreaths
    Courtney George discusses the role wreaths, drivers and carriers play in uniting a nation.
  • SemiRelatedThumbnail_DAT
    Dean Croke sheds light on the seasonality of trucking and its impact on truckers. 
  • SemiRelatedThumbnail_Bart-1
    How is Al transforming supply chain and what are the key trends shaping its future?
  • SemiRelatedThumbnail_Estes
    Making LTL shipping frictionless is more than possible; it’s happening today.
  • SemiRelatedThumbnail_Turvo
    How have SaaS solutions changed the transportation tech space? 

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